Department of Chemistry



Permission Forms for Restricted Classes

UTU Opportunities:

     2022-04-01  Dr. Vines has two different UG Teaching opportunities for fall 2022.

  1. One is for students who have successfully completed Chem 0110 and 0120 (UTU).  Click here for a link to the flyer (pdf file) and click here for a link to a Google docs form.
  2. The second is for students who have successfully completed Chem 0110 and Chem 0120 and one semester of Organic Chemistry (0310 or 0350) (UTA) .  Click here for a link to a Google docs form.


Request a permission number to:

  1. Enroll in Chem 1710 (Undergraduate Research)
  2. Enroll in Chem 1720 (Undergraduate Teaching)

Once you complete the request and click Submit, an email will be sent to the Department and cc’d to you documenting the request.  The Dept will send a reply email with the permission number (if warranted), within one week.