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Non-Pitt Research Opportunities

The emails and/or flyers received in Pitt's Chemistry department are listed below.  Each line list the date the announcement was received, the institution at which the opportunity is located, and a word or two about topical area.  Below the list of specific invites received by Pitt faculty are links to external sites that compile lists of undergraduate summer research opportunities across the country.

2018-02-18, University of Delaware, Chemistry and Biochemistry 

2018-01-10, Nuclear Forensics Undergraduate Summer School 

2018-01-04, University of Akron, Biomaterials, Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics

2017-12-13 University of Delaware, Science & Engineering Leadership Initiative to Support Advancement of Students with Disabilities

2017-11-28, University of Nebraska, multiple disciplines

2017-11-21, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


2017-03-21 NETL (Morgantown, WV)

2017-02-25 University of Delaware, Science & Engineering Leadership Initiative to Support the Advancement of Students with Disabilities

2017-02-13, New York University, Materials Science & Engineering

2017-02-12, Univ Central Florida, 3 Separate REU programs (GIS; Internet of Things; Biomedical Enginnering & Nanotechnology)

2017-01-30, Case Western Reserve, Energy & Materials or Chemical Biology

2017-01-30, Jackson State University, Water Purification, Toxin Sensing, Modeling, Environmental Fate

2017-01-24, Rutgers, multiple disciplines

2017-01-21, Virginia Tech, Materials at the Intersection of Food-Energy-Water Systems

2017-01-19, Center for Chemical Evolution (Atlanta and ...)

2017-01-19, NIST (Boulder; Gaithersburg) Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, multiple areas
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     Federal Funding Opportunity Announcement (value primarily to Administration)

2017-01-17, Around the country, Rosetta Commons - Biomolecular structure prediction and design

2017-01-12, University of Kansas, Chemistry

2017-01-11, NASA, Student Airborne Research Program

2017-01-06, National Center for Toxicological Research

2017-01-05, Keck Geology Consortium, Geological and Environmental

2017-01-04, Oak Ridge (Department of Energy), Materials, Energy, and more

2017-01-03, University of Akron, Polymer Science

2016-12-22, West Virginia, Neuroscience

2016-12-15, Colorado (several sites), Bioenergy

2016-12-07, University of Central Florida, Nanoscience Technology Center

2016-12-06, Northwestern, Materials-Interdisciplinary

2016-11-19 Covestro (Pittsburgh)

2016-10-18, Department of Homeland Security

2016-03-30, Texas Tech, Behavioral Research


Links to web pages compiling lists of UGR (Undergraduate Research) sites

@ The National Science Foundation - all disciplines

@ The National Science  Foundation - Chemistry

@ The Institute for Broadening Participation (Pathways to Science)

@ as Supported by Federal Government Institutions

@ The Smithsonian Institution - all disciplines

@ University of California, Irvine

@ The University of Texas, El Paso