Department of Chemistry



International Studies Option

International Studies option (9‐credit minimum): As our society becomes more global in nature, opportunities to study abroad are more available to science majors, including in departments with different curriculum offerings. Our Chemistry major with an International Studies option is designed to help students experience a new culture while pursuing their undergraduate degree. Students who hope to spend a term or a year abroad will be required to submit a written proposal of their plan of study. This will be done in conjunction with a major adviser. The completed plan will then be approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and once approved the student will be prepared, academically, to undertake the abroad experience including Chemistry courses that count towards the major. Like all options in the major, students will be exempt from Chem 1140‐Inorganic Laboratory, Chem 1440‐Physical Chemistry 2 Laboratory and the 2 credit science elective. In lieu of the exempted courses, the equivalent of at least 9 Pitt‐equivalent credits will be selected from the course offerings at the foreign institution.