Department of Chemistry



Materials Science Option

There is a great demand in both industry and education for chemists trained in material science. As molecular biology, microelectronics, high performance materials and nanotechnology become increasingly important in our society, demand for material scientists will also increase. The Material Science Option is designed to provide a fundamental background and laboratory experience with synthetic and naturally occurring materials. This is appropriate for chemists going on to graduate study in Chemistry or Material Science, or directly to careers in industry (fundamentals or applications research, analysis, etc.).

Courses (10 credits)

A. ENGR 0022 Materials Structure and Property (3 credits)

B. CHEM 1600 Synthesis and Characterization of Polymers (3 credits)

C. CHEM 1605 Synthesis and Characterization of Polymers Lab (1 credits)

D. CHEM 1620 Atoms, Molecules and Materials (3 credits)