Department of Chemistry



Communication Option

Informative, accurate science communication is needed at both the technical and the popular level, for example in training materials, advertising, scientific journals, newspapers, TV and radio. The Chemistry/Communications Option includes an introduction to linguistics, writing, and mass communication. This Option makes available unique job opportunities in industry: in technical writing and editing, in marketing, in advertising, in scientific journalism, and in education.

Courses (12 credits)

A. ENGCMP 0400 Written Professional Communication (3 credits)

B. Any three courses (9 credits) chosen from:

  • COMMRC 0320 Mass Communication Process
  • COMMRC 1105 Television and Society
  • ENGWRT 1310, 1320 Newspaper I, II
  • ENGWRT 1330, 1340 Nonfiction I, II
  • ENGWRT 1394 Science Writing
  • LING 0080 Aspects of Language