Department of Chemistry



Degree Options

Chemistry offers six special options for students with specific interests in combining chemistry with other subjects such as Bioscience. These options, involve additional courses in the chosen second discipline, together with an allowed waiver of selected required science courses. None of these special options requires more than 120 credits to graduate.


The combination of chemistry and bioscience is crucial for an understanding of living matter and its metamorphosis through growth, reproduction, aging, disease, and evolution.


The business option prepares graduates for careers in chemical or instrumentation sales, technical marketing, or management.


Informative, accurate science communication is needed at both the technical and the popular level, for example in training materials, advertising, scientific journals, newspapers, TV and radio.


The demand for qualified science and math teachers in today's technology based society is ever increasing. The chemistry education option will allow students to earn the B.S.

Materials Science

As molecular biology, microelectronics, high-performance materials and nanotech increase in importance, demand for material scientists will continue increase as well. 

International Studies

As our society becomes more global in nature, opportunities to study abroad are more available to science majors, including in departments with different curriculum offerings.