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Business Option

A large proportion of chemistry graduates become involved in chemical or instrumentation sales, technical marketing, or management. Chemistry majors interested in careers in these fields have two alternatives for including business coursework in their undergraduate program:

The A&S/Business Dual Major allows a student to earn full majors in both chemistry and business. Information on this program is available in the A&S Advising Center, 252 Thackeray Hall, and the College of Business Administration Advising Office in 2606 Sennott Square.

The second alternative is a Business Option within the chemistry major. This combination may enhance employment opportunities for entry-level positions in business, industry, and research organizations. The Business Option includes the core chemistry courses and required elective courses in business.

Courses (Total of 6 / 15-18 credits)

Note that an additional waiver for the Business Option is CHEM 1420.

A. ECON 0100 or 0110 Micro or Macroeconomics (3 credits)

B. BUSERV 1920 Financial Accounting (3 credits)

C. BUSERV 1925 Cost Accounting (3 credits)

D. Any three courses (6-9 credits) from the following list of selected CBA courses:

  • BUSERV 1910 Introduction to Business
  • BUSERV 1915 Introduction to Management
  • BUSERV 1955 Principles of Selling
  • BUSERV 1980 The Legal Environment of┬áBusiness
  • BUSERV 1985 Small Business Management
  • BUSMKT 1040* Introduction to Marketing

In lieu of a third course from the above list, one course may be selected from the following list of marketing electives. These courses require BUSMKT 1040 Introduction to Marketing as a prerequisite.

  • BUSMKT 1411* Marketing Research
  • BUSMKT 1441* Consumer Behavior

* These courses are A&S/Business Dual Major courses and require special permission from Liz Adams at the Undergraduate Program Office, College of Business Administration, 2606 Sennott Square.

Because business majors have priority in registering for these courses, you should contact the office very early in the registration process.

George C. Bandik (Room 107, Chevron Science Center) must approve all applicants for the Business Option. Only those students will be given override slips for the Business courses. If you must be placed on a waiting list, every effort will be made to admit you to the class early in the add-drop period before the term begins, but admission to a course cannot be guaranteed.

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