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FREE TUTORING SESSIONS   Summer 2022  (begins 5/16/22, Ends 8/12/22)

 No appointment necessary for these Free Tutoring Sessions, just "show up", either in-person on the Ashe Auditorium Balcony (immediately outside of the Chemistry lecture halls) or in the Zoom link if one is provided).  If appropriate, activate Pitt Passport before attempting to  join a Zoom session.

General Chemistry
Click here to see the schedule, in pdf format - opens in a new window; last updated 15 May 2022


Organic Chemistry (Include Chem 0310, Chem 0320, and Chem 0345)
Updated 19 May 2022.
There will be NO Organic Chemistry tutoring on Monday, 30 May, Memorial Day or Monday, 20 June, Juneteenth observed,or Monday, 4 July, Independence Day
Some tutoring may be by Zoom (a link will be provided in the table if appropriate).

  Day of Week   Time of Day   Tutor   Location  OR  Zoom URL
  Monday   12:00 noon - 3:00 pm    Matis Fogel   On-the-balcony 
  Tuesday   12:00 noon - 3:00 pm    Matis Fogel   On-the-balcony 
  Thursday   12:00 noon - 3:00 pm   Matis Fogel   On-the-balcony
  Friday   10:00 am - 11:00 am   Matis Fogel   On-the-balcony

**  If appropriate, activate Pitt Passport before attempting to  join a Zoom session.**  

Free tutoring is also available via the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences Study Lab:



Appointments and fees required.

     General, Organic, Analytical and Physical Tutoring (Private Lessons with a FEE) - (updated 10/4/21)

     Students should check with tutor concerning charge for tutoring. MINIMUM OF $20.00/HOUR IS SUGGESTED.

     Tutors and Prospective-Tutors should contact Prof. Grabowski ( to have the information in the table below updated or added-to at any time.

Name e-Mail A=Analytical, G=General,I=Inorganic
N-Nursing, O=Organic, P=Physical
 Michael Collins G
 Austin Durham O
 Noah Garrett G, I
 Alysia Mandato  (Spring term only!) G, A 
 Freddy Rodriquez O
 Shelby Schettler-Heath O
 Zachary Shellnutt O