Department of Chemistry



Bioscience Option


The combination of chemistry and bioscience is crucial for an understanding of living matter and its metamorphosis through growth, reproduction, aging, disease, and evolution. Experts in the chemistry of living systems spearhead research to combat disease by prevention, cure, and eradication.

The Chemistry/Bioscience option includes the core bioscience courses and an introduction to molecular biology, environmental biology and biochemistry. A chemistry degree supplemented by bioscience courses has long been one of the most successful routes leading to the graduate health professions, including medical and dental school.

The Bioscience Option is also appropriate for students planning to go on to graduate school in chemistry, biochemistry and related subjects. Industrial career opportunities for chemists with training in the biological sciences are burgeoning in areas such as nutrition, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, environmental science and fine chemicals.

Students following the Bioscience Option can receive ACS certification by taking Chem 1140-Advanced Inorganic Laboratory as part of their undergraduate degree requirements.

Courses (total of 14 credits).

A. BIOSC 0150, 0050,0160, 0060 Foundations of Biology and Lab (8 credits)

B. Any two courses chosen from:

  • BIOSC 0350 Genetics
  • BIOSC 0370 Ecology
  • BIOSC 1000 Biochemistry OR
  • BIOSC 1810 Macromolecular Structure and Function OR
  • CHEM 1810 Chemical Biology
  • BIOSC 1030 Commercial Microbiology
  • BIOSC 1500 Cell Biology
  • BIOSC 1850 Microbiology
  • BIOSC 1940 Molecular Biology

NOTE: PHYS 0110, 0111, 0212 are acceptable alternatives to PHYS 0174, 0175, and 0219 in this Option.