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Useful undergraduate chemistry contacts:

Advising Instructions

Undergraduate major advising in the Chemistry Department is a two-tiered system.

Newly declared Chemistry majors (and individuals considering declaring a Chemistry major) should make their first departmental advising appointment with Dr. George C. Bandik, Dr. Ericka Huston, or Dr. Michelle Ward. These appointments may be made in the Undergraduate Program Office in 107 Chevron. During this session, we will discuss career goals and options available to each student. We will also lay out an individualized plan of study for the major and review each student’s Arts and Sciences degree requirements.

In the term following the first advising session, each student will receive a letter via e-mail asking them to select a permanent advisor. They will choose their permanent advisor from the faculty with the help of the Undergraduate Program Office in 107 Chevron. The permanent advisor will meet with the student for advising sessions from that term until the student graduates.

If you have a non-major advising question, you may speak to an advisor within Arts and Sciences: A&S Advising