Department of Chemistry




Analytical Division

Almost everyone involved in science at eventually performs a chemical analysis. For this reason, analytical chemistry touches many, if not all, scientific endeavors. At the same time, analytical chemistry is a field of scientific investigation in its own right.

Biological Division

The Biological Chemistry division prepares scientists to address problems at the intersection of chemistry and biology by combining approaches from molecular biology, synthetic biology, cell biology with organic chemistry, physical chemistry and analytical chemistry to understand the molecular basis of biological processes and of human disease.

Inorganic & Materials Division

Inorganic research at the University of Pittsburgh spans the entire periodic table seeking ways of synthesizing new molecules and cutting-edge materials. Synthesis, characterization, and computational modeling are all areas covered by the division.

Organic Division

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh has a long and lustrous record in organic chemistry. Our traditional strengths are in organic synthesis, molecular recognition, and physical organic chemistry.

Physical Division

Physical chemistry is central to all of molecular science, seeking fundamental understanding in areas as diverse as the structure and function of biomolecules, to molecular electronics, nanomaterials, molecular dynamics and reactivity, and biosensors. In our department, faculty research focuses on developing fundamental techniques, instrumentation, and computational simulation methods, and applying these to both biological, materials, and energy problems.