Department of Chemistry



Analytical Division

Almost everyone involved in science at eventually performs a chemical analysis.  For this reason, analytical chemistry touches many, if not all, scientific endeavors.  At the same time, analytical chemistry is a field of scientific investigation in its own right.  The field focuses on improving and refining existing measurements, inventing and promulgating brand new measurement technologies and capabilities, and rising to tackle novel and curiosity driven analytical challenges – such as how do you repeatedly sample the cytoplasm of a single biological cell without  the cell noticing?  Or, how does a macromolecule such as RNA or a protein get transported across the nuclear envelope of a cell?  Or, which proteins in our proteome change as we age and compromise our immune system?

We invite you to check the profiles of Analytical Faculty listed here.  We are all engaged in leading-edge research in analytical chemistry.  We have a broad based Analytical program with expertise in essentially all the modern branches of instrumental analysis, including optical spectroscopy, magnetic resonance (NMR and ESR), mass spectrometry, ion mobility spectrometry, electrochemistry, chemical separations, and microscopy.  Our analytical faculty are developing sensors based on smart polymeric materials, nanotechnology, micro- and nanofabrication, selective extraction, and micro- and nanoelectronics.

A hallmark of our analytical program is its interdisciplinary approach to science.  Students in our division have ample opportunities to collaborate with scientists in the departments of chemistry, physics, and biosciences, and Pitt’s schools of engineering and medicine.   

A degree in Analytical Chemistry at Pitt leads to rewarding careers.  Our Ph.D.s  are trained to be outstanding trouble-shooters and problems solvers: they know how to get "stuff" done and done right.  This is exactly what employers are looking as they work to maintain their competitive edge.  If your career aspirations are in the academic area – research or teaching – the opportunities abound here as well.

Want to know more? Contact any one of us: we will be delighted to answer your questions.