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Undergraduate Research

American Chemical Society Pitt Chapter

We're home to nationally recognized American Chemical Society Student Affiliates. With over 100 members, this group meets on a weekly basis, hosting speakers and participating in many outreach efforts to the Pittsburgh community. They also travel to PittCon each year to participate in a world-wide scientific conference.


Chemists work in nutrition, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, environmental science and fine chemicals. Business focus on chemical or instrumentation sales, technical marketing, or management. Teaching, academia and research. See more >>


Each incoming student is assigned an academic advisor within the Dietrich School’s Academic Advising Center. Students are required to meet with their advisor at least once per term before they can enroll in classes for the next term. Students are encouraged to schedule additional appointments as necessary. Students will remain with their assigned advisor until they declare a major; once a major is declared, the student will transition to a new advisor within their major department.


The Department of Chemistry has a very robust undergraduate research program with 29 of our faculty members involved. We also have students who carry out research with faculty members in the Medical School, Pharmacy School and other programs on campus. We are also proud of our Undergraduate Teaching Program.

Each term over 200 undergraduates are involved in some aspect of teaching within our Department. They participate in programs in our General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry courses.


Meet Award-Winning Faculty Member Geoffrey Hutchison

"Dr. Hutchison’s friendliness and dedication to helping students fosters a supportive  environment in which class participation is high. Lectures were conversations rather than  monologues. He also pioneered the use of an online class forum  where students can post  questions they have about lectures, homework questions, or exam details. Dr. Hutchison is very active on this site, enabling students to reach him directly outside of class. "

- Anne C. Lertola (ENG '17)

Meet Award-Winning Faculty Member Lillian Chong


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