Department of Chemistry



Xinyu Liu

Assistant Professor



Chevron Science Center, 219 Parkman Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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Research Overview

Total and Combinatorial (Bio)Synthesis of Natural Product, Novel Synthetic Method and Platform Development, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Glycobiology, Drug Discovery, Biomaterial, Synthetic Biology

We are a research group that consists of a mixture of synthetic chemists, natural product isolation specialists, biochemists and microbiologists.  We are interested in the discovery and functional study of broadly defined natural products using synthetic chemical, biological and genomics-guided approaches. The natural products of our current focus belong to the famly of oligosaccharids and small molecular secondary metabolites of microbial origins that exhibit broad functional roles in mamalian am=nd microbial physiology. These molecules serve as the catalyst to drive the discovery cycle between chemistry, biology and medicine in our laboratory. Projects that we are actively pursuing in the lab include: 1) synthetis carbohydrate chemistry concerns new synthetic methods development and total synthesis of biologically relevant oligosaccharides, 2) study of functional significanceof glycosylation in bacterial infection and cancer pathogenesis, 3) genomics-guided discovery of natural products, particularly thos with antibiotic activities and thos e with functional roles in bacterial physiology, 4) novel enzymatic transformations associated with complex natural product biosynthesis.


  • 2012 Competitive Medical Research Award UPMC

  • 2012 Samuel and Emma Winters Foundation Biomedical Research Award

  • 2012 American Society of Pharmacognosy Travel  Award

  • 2008–2010 Ernst Schering Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Germany

  • 2008 ETH Silver Medal, Switzerland

  • 2007 Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • 2007 Roche Excellence Award, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Switzerland

  • 2007 Chinese Government Award

  • 2005 [i]lab Award, Sanofi-Aventis, Gemany

  • 2000 Bosworth Prize in Physical Chemistry, UNSW, Australia

  • 1999–2002 BetterHome Association Scholarship, Osaka, Japan 

  • 1998–2002 Iwakuni Foundation Scholarship, Tokyo, Japan

  • 1998 Academic Excellence Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Japan


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