Department of Chemistry



Stephane Petoud

Adjunct Professor (Orleans)

Research Overview

Luminescent lanthanide complexes and nanomaterials

Dr. Stéphane Petoud works in the area of inorganic, material, biological and analytical chemistry.

He investigates the design, synthesis, characterization and use of luminescent lanthanide complexes and nanomaterials. He develops applications that take advantage of their luminescence properties.

Professor Petoud's research program will design luminescent lanthanide complexes/nanomaterials that have advanced properties for applications. Some examples of applications:

1) Applications in solution: imaging agents and luminescent probes for time-resolved measurements in cell biology and bio-assays in aqueous solution (such as fluorescence microscopy, clinical diagnostic, genomic screening and drug discovery).

2) Applications in solid state: self-luminescent color materials based on thin-film polymers and luminescent liquid crystals. These materials are designed for the development of new flexible, highly efficient and self-luminescent color displays.

To achieve these goals, Professor Petoud's research involves several types of chemistry and analytical techniques including organic, inorganic, material, physical and supramolecular design and syntheses and detailed photophysical, kinetic, and thermodynamic investigations.


  • National Swiss Science Foundation, postdoctoral fellowship (1997), award for postdoctoral stay at University of California, Berkeley
  • Leenaards Fondation, postdoctoral fellowship (1999)
  • Novartis Stiftung, postdoctoral fellowship (1999)


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