Department of Chemistry



Raúl Hernández Sánchez

Assistant Professor


1113 CHVRN
Chevron Science Center, 219 Parkman Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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Research Overview

We are a research group interested in combining supramolecular, inorganic, and materials chemistry to synthesize functional systems that bridge the gap between nanoscale materials and molecular chemistry. Our research is focused at developing new synthetic methodologies to access well-defined nanometer-sized clusters where we can investigate surface structure-function relationships relevant in catalytic and magnetic materials. Other efforts in the Hernández Sánchez (HS) group are aimed at designing and synthesizing structural analogues of carbon nanotubes where exquisite control of the resulting framework allows for properties manipulation.

Students in the HS group will engage in synthetic chemistry and develop familiarity with a range of spectroscopic, electrochemical, crystallographic and magnetic techniques. While rooted in synthetic chemistry, research in the HS group will interface with materials, organic, theory, and physical chemistry.



  • Columbia Nano Initiative Postdoctoral Research Scientist Fellowship (2016-2018)
  • Featured in "Las 30 promesas" (The 30 promises) emitted by Grupo Editorial Expansion (2015)
  • CONACYT/Fundación México en Harvard Fellowship and Research Award (2010-2012)
  • Research Assistant Scholarship, Caltech (2008)
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), Caltech (2007)
  • Xorge A. Domínguez Scholarship, ITESM (2005-2010)


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