Department of Chemistry



Stanford University analysis shows that fourteen members of the Chemistry Department are ranked in the top 2 percent cited scientists in the world.

November 16, 2021 - 4:02pm

A recent analysis from Stanford University (, shows that 14 members of the  Department of Chemistry, almost half of the department, are ranked in the top 2 percent cited scientists in the world. The report covered scientists globally from a wide range of fields, and the ranking is based on citations from Scopus, assessing scientists for career-long citation impact up until the end of 2019 and for citation impact during the single calendar year 2019. More information on the ranking method can be found here.

The report included Dennis Curran, Peter Wipf, Sandford Asher, Kenneth Jordan, David Waldeck, Alex Deiters, Nat Rosi, Rob Coalson, Shigeru Amemiya, Scott Nelson, Craig Wilcox, Seth Horne, Alex Star, and Peng Liu were included in the “Top 2 Percent” list. Additionally, three Pitt faculty members with secondary appointments in chemistry, Jeremy Berg, Angela Gronenborn, Valerian Kagan were included, as well as David Beratan and Stéphane Petoud, who have adjunct appointments in the department.

Prof. Sunil Saxena, current department chair said of the rankings "These metrics are compelling - they are the most direct measure of the quality of the science performed by our colleagues in Chemistry.  I cannot be more delighted to see so many of our current faculty in this listing. Together they uphold the long tradition of excellence in this Department."