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The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship awarded to Taylor Courtney (Deiters), Cristian Morales-Rivera (P Liu), and Luis Vázquez-Maldonado (Deiters)

April 1, 2016 - 2:38pm

The 2016 Graduate Research Fellowship awardees from the National Science Foundation were announced this week. This is a highly competitive award in which the NSF received 17,000 applications and awarded 2,000 fellowships nationwide. Congratulations Taylor, Cristian, and Luis!

Taylor M. Courtney: Covalent Protein Cross-Linking as a Fundamentally New Approach to Kinase Inhibition 

Cristian A. Morales-Rivera: Computational Study and Design of Hypervalent Iodine reagents for C−H Functionalization 

Luis A. Vázquez-Maldonado: Development of a Synthetic Immune System for Viral Infection 


David G. Parobek, a University of Pittsburgh alum (BS, Chemistry) who is presently at Texas A&M University, also received an award.


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