Department of Chemistry



The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce the addition of Raúl Hernández Sánchez to the Faculty in the Fall Semester.

May 11, 2018 - 9:44am

Raúl Hernández Sánchez received his PhD in Chemistry under the guidance of Professor Theodore Betley at Harvard University in 2015, and he is currently working as a Nano Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University.  As a graduate student Dr. Hernández Sánchez investigated the electronic structure of polynuclear iron clusters (particularly their spin characteristics) and as a postdoc he is investigating functional aspects of nanomaterials and supramolecular structures. Dr. Hernández Sánchez’s independent research program will combine synthetic and physical chemical principles to create new inorganic materials with desirable physical and chemical functions. See Hernández Sánchez web page.