Department of Chemistry



Department of Chemistry gives local high school students a glimpse of careers in the sciences

November 28, 2022 - 2:28pm

Students from Pittsburgh Allderdice High School who are enrolled in a class on scientific research recently spent a day on campus learning more about how research happens at University of Pittsburgh. While visiting Pitt, the students toured laboratories in the Departments of Chemistry, Engineering, as well as Biological Sciences. Afterward, the group sat down to meet with three current chemistry graduate students, Alysia Mandato (Saxena Lab), Donald Janda (Amemiya Lab), and Sara Craig (Meyer Lab). These students shared some information about their dissertation projects and experiences pursuing a graduate degree. The afternoon concluded with a lunch lecture by Prof. Jessica Stephenson from Pitt Biological Sciences on how researchers track the spread of diseases. The Department was thrilled to host these young scientists-in-training and provide a first-hand glimpse at some of the possibilities for educational and professional pursuits in the sciences.