Department of Chemistry



Anthony Bogetti (Chong) is the recipient of a 2019 Elizabeth Baranger Excellence in Teaching

May 10, 2019 - 1:49pm

The A&S GSO Elizabeth Baranger Teaching Awards acknowledge excellence in graduate student teaching across the Arts & Sciences. Awards are presented to two students nominated by faculty, fellow graduate students, and undergraduates, in each of the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Humanities. The award, which is given in April, is named after Elizabeth Baranger, former Dean and, later, Vice-Provost of the School of Arts & Sciences.

The purpose of the teaching award is to:

  • Recognize and reward outstanding teaching by graduate students at Pitt
  • Make teaching by graduate students more visible and valued on campus
  • Raise the standards of the teaching by graduate students
  • Contribute to or spark discussions about what constitutes good teaching by graduate students on campus
  • Help graduate students prepare professionally for teaching careers
Congratulations Anthony!