Department of Chemistry



2022 David Pratt Award Winners

April 13, 2022 - 3:39pm

The Department of Chemistry at University of Pittsburgh established the David Pratt award in 2022 through a generous donation by Dr. Nancy Targett (BS 1972).  The Award honors the long contributions of Professor David Pratt to both the teaching and research missions of the department.  It recognizes research excellence of undergraduate-graduate teams in which one or more graduate students mentor one or more undergraduate students. This year, up to two teams will share the $4000 award prize, which will be divided equally among the awardees. 

The Department of Chemistry is happy to announce this year’s David Pratt Award winning teams. 

Annelise Wanner (undergraduate), Elizabeth I. James (undergraduate), and Jincy Vinod (graduate) of Prof. Koide’s group, for their work published in “Fluorometric study on the amine-catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura coupling” Nature Catalysis 2021, 4, 999–1001


Paul Torrillo (undergraduate) and Anthony Bogetti (graduate) of Prof. Chong’s group, for their work published in, among others, “WESTPA 2.0: High-Performance Upgrades for Weighted Ensemble Simulations and Analysis of Longer-Timescale Applications” Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 2022 18 (2), 638-649.