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Professional Development

Although excellent experimental technique and a broad chemical knowledge are crucial to a career in chemistry, there are additional skills that are needed in order to be truly successful. You must be able to plan your time efficiently, know how to prepare a résumé or curriculum vitae, have knowledge of areas outside of pure chemistry, understand the nature of jobs in chemical industry and academia, be able to express yourself clearly in both oral and written formats, etc. While these "extra" skills are often developed in graduate school, they are usually not taught in a systematic fashion.

In an effort to make sure that our graduates have a competitive edge when it comes to getting their first job and beyond, the Department encourages all graduates to take advantage of the variety of Professional Development opportunities offered across many units of the University.

  • Chem 0100, "Introduction to General Chemistry" is a non-lab, 3-cr course taught each fall and spring term, and beginning with the spring term 2022, is open to well-prepared, upper-level graduate students to teach.  Assignment as the lecturer for Chem 0100 is equivalent to a full-time TF appointment.  This is particularly an excellent opportunity for anyone considering an academic career.  If such a mentored, lecture opportunity appeals to you, take advantage of the Professional Development opportunities to establish your qualification, look for calls about March (for the fall term) and October (for the spring term).   You are also welcome to make your interest known to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
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Throughout the year, there are occasional opportunities for STEM professionals (including undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and faculty) to support the local community in various ways.  Such opportunities are posted here as received, so check back periodically.




Career Opportunities

View a listing of available chemistry positions that have been brought to our attention.