Department of Chemistry



Alumni in Industry

In addition to academic positions many Pitt chemistry alumni are in research labs in non-profits and industry world-wide in jobs at small start-ups and major corporations including:


3 Dimensional Pharmaceutical Abbott Laboratories Aerospace Corp. Akzo Nobel
Albany Molecular Alcoa AMERA Corp. Advanced Tech. Materials
ArKema Arris Pharmaceutical Astra Zeneca Batelle Laboratories
BASF Bayer Corp. Boehringer Ingelheim, Inc. Bristol Myers Squibb
Cadus Pharmaceutical Calgon Corp. Caliper, Inc. Combiophos
Consol Energy Eisai Research Fluorous Technology, Inc. Gilead Sciences
Glaxo-Smith-Kline Graftech Icx-Agentase Intel
Johnson & Johnson Lipomed. Los Alamos Laboratories Locust Pharmaceutical
Merck, Inc. Monsanto Co. Multigas Instr. Lines Nanomix, Inc.
National Energy Technology Labs NCSA Supercomputing Center NIH-National Cancer Institute NIST - MD
NY St. Center Novartis On Line Tech. Pacific Northwest Labs
Parke Davis Pfizer Corp. Pittsburgh Supercomputer Ctr. Pittsburgh Technology Center
PPG Presstek Proctor & Gamble Renishaw, Inc.
Research Triangle Rhone-Poulene Ricerca, Inc. Roche Bioscience
Rohm & Haas S’LIL Pharmaceutical Salford Ultrafine Chemicals Samsung
Sauereisen, Inc. Schering Corporation Scripps Research Inst. Seagate MS-NRE240
SGS-Thomson Microelectronics Shin-ETSu Chem Co. Sloan Kettering Spectra Physics
Supply Tech Syracuse Res. Corp. Texas A&M-Commerce Texas Instruments
Thermo Fisher Scientific Trega Biosci. Inc. US Department of Energy USGS
Westinghouse Bettis Wydzial Chemicals Wyeth Corp. Yugong Corp.
Zeneca Pharmaceutical