Department of Chemistry



Travel Grants

Many graduate students travel to present their work at national conferences. A number of travel grants are available through the department, the university, and professional societies to help cover the costs associated with such trips.  The departmental travel awards are only granted to graduate students enrolled in the chemistry graduate program. 

  • Safford Travel Award: $250 award for travel to chemical education meetings and workshops (2 per term).
  • Strem Family Travel Award: $500 award for attendance to scientific meetings to present a talk or poster (15 per year).
  • Lakshmi Rama Travel Award:  $666 award for attendance to scientific meetings to present a talk or poster specifically about physical chemistry (3 every two years).  Physical chemistry students ONLY. 
  • American Chemical Society Women's Chemist Committee Travel Grants

Additional travel grants include:

A&S-PBC and Alumni $600 Travel Fellowship Travel grants of $600 are available to graduate students participating in conferences. Students who have completed 18 credits are eligible. PhD candidates may receive a second grant after completing their comprehensive exams. Application forms can be downloaded here or can be obtained from the departmental graduate administrator or 5141 Sennott Square.

Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Organization Travel Grants The A&S-GSO sponsors grants for travel to an academic conference to present a paper or a poster, or to participate in an interactive workshop. To be eligible you must be enrolled as an Arts and Sciences graduate student at the time of your travel. Details are available on the A&S-GSO Web site.

Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Travel Grants GPSA Travel Grants were established in 1993 to provide financial assistance to graduate and professional students at the University of Pittsburgh who are participating in academic or professional conferences. Applicants must currently be enrolled as a student in a graduate or professional program at the University of Pittsburgh. Details are available on the GPSA Web site