Department of Chemistry



Chemistry Computer Classroom (CCC)

266 Chevron Science Center

History of the Classroom

The Chemistry Computer Classroom was originally called the Joint-Computer Classroom. It is an innovative advanced teaching classroom where every student has a desktop Pentium computer. The hardware for this classroom was provided by the Special Instruction and Learning Group of the CIS University of Pittsburgh. The grant for this JCC Room was obtained originally by Professor David N. Beratan (Chemistry) and Professor V. Martin (Physics) in 1995. The chairman of the SWILG committee at that time was Professor Arnie.

In January of 2003 the JCC was moved from the 1st floor of Chevron Science Center to the 2rd floor of the newly renovated Eberly Hall.  In September of 2006 the JCC was moved to room 206 of Eberly Hall. In September of 2011, the JCC was moved to 266 of CSC, and the name was changed to Chemistry Computer Classroom (CCC).

Purpose of Classroom

The main purpose of this classroom is to teach modern chemistry using computational packages available, and provide exposure to the students (mainly undergraduates) to the application of computer software.


If you are interested in teaching in the CCC, then the following steps are required in gaining access to it:

  • First Step is to contact Bud Brizuela to determine if the software you need is installed on these computers. Please DO NOT install any applications without prior approval.
  • Second Step is to contact the Assistant Chairman of the Chemistry Department to find an available time slot and scheduling that time slot for your course. You can view the scheduling calendar for the CCC lab for available times.
  • Third Step is to make sure that you have the Chemistry proxy card setup to enter the room and either you or your teaching assistant is present during your teaching/recitation.