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Past Events & Seminars

Sep 16
Dr. Jennifer Laaser-Chemical Determinants of Phase Behavior and Viscoelasticity in Polyelectrolyte Complex Coacervates View »
Sep 15
Natural Products as Inspiration for Synthesis and New Methods

Noah was born in Oakland, CA but grew up in south-central Maine. He attended Columbia University in the city of New York where he was mentored by Professor James Leighton. He obtained his Ph.D.... View »

Sep 15
Dr. David Baker-Protein design using deep learning View »
Sep 02
Solution-phase routes to inorganic solid-state materials

Abstract: This talk will cover research being conducted in the Schimpf Lab, which focuses on solution-phase syntheses of inorganic solid-state materials. The talk will contain two parts: colloidal... View »

Sep 01
Dr. Seth Childers - Tenure Talk


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May 12
Dr. Hans Renata - Dowd Lecture - Combining Synthetic Chemistry and Biology for Streamlining Access to Complex Molecules

Dowd Lecture Seminar Series

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May 10
Dr. Patrick Fier - Phillips Lecture - The Importance of Organic Chemistry: Developing Large-Scale Syntheses of Molnupiravir, an Antiviral for COVID-19

In the face of increasing molecular complexity, shrinking timelines, and a goal to have robust and sustainable processes at the time of filing, process chemistry groups must continue to innovate... View »

May 09
Dr. Patrick Fier - Phillips Lecture - Innovations in Synthetic chemistry at Merck: New Methods for the Functionalization of Complex Molecules

In drug discovery and development, it is often realized that classic reactions requiring harsh conditions are not suitable for the functionalization and diversification of complex, drug-like... View »

Apr 28
Dr. Igor Lednev - Raman Hyperspectroscopy and Machine Learning for Forensic Purposes and Medical Diagnostics

Analytical Seminar

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Apr 20
Dr. Oleg Larionov - Development of Selective Reactions for Organic Synthesis

Organic Seminar via Zoom

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Apr 12
Dr. Timothy Newhouse - Computationally Augmented Total Synthesis

Efficient syntheses of complex small molecules, such as bioactive natural products, often involve detailed retrosynthetic planning and experimental evaluation of speculative approaches. The... View »

Apr 08
Dr. Alina M. Schimpf - Postponed

Inorganic/Materials Seminar 

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Apr 05
Stereoselective Functionalization of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

Our laboratory has developed a new approach to the stereoselective functionalization of unsaturated hydrocarbons. Traditional approaches have relied on metal-catalyzed C-H bond activation. We have... View »

Apr 01
Kaufman Lecture Series - High Resolution Imaging of Excited State Dynamics in Nanomaterials

Two topics will be covered in the general area of tunneling microscopy: looking at surface dynamics of glasses on a millisecond to hour scale, and excited state dynamics of nanomaterials on the... View »

Mar 31
Kaufman Lecture Series - Protein and RNA Association and Dynamics in the Cell

Protein and RNA folding and binding reactions are generally quite fast and involve small free energy differences. That speed has proven useful when comparing computer simulations of protein and... View »