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The Chemistry Department supports a robust seminar program that brings eminent scientists from around the world to present their current research to the Department. The normal Chemistry seminar day, Thursday, has two seminar times: one at 2:30 PM and another at 4:00 PM. While most seminars occur on Thursdays, many are scheduled at other times and other days, including some in the evening.

In addition, dozens of seminars are available each week within a 15 minute walk of the Chemistry Department. The links here showcase some of the more popular seminar series to our members, but external to our Department. If you would like us to add another link, please send an email to

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May 02
Dr. Janson Hein - The Secret Lives of Cu(l)-Acetylide: Delineating Mechanistic Complexity After the Turnover-Limiting Step View »
May 16
Dr. James Skinner - Colloquium - Anomalies in Ambient & Supercooled Water: Is There a Second Critical Point Lurking Nearby? View »