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June 18, 2010 - 4:00pm
  ABSTRACT:  Part 1:  The  theory of various mass analyzers including quadruples, linear and three dimensional ion traps, time of flight, ion cyclotron r esonance, and hybrid analyzers will be reviewed.  Emphasis will be placed on quadruple technology and quadruple-friendly samples. Part 1 to Part 1 (June18) Part 2:  The University of Pittsburgh submitted samples to Shimadzu Scientific Instruments to be run in their LCMS-2020 single quadruple mass spectrometer.  The sample data generated from the LCMS-2020 will be used to do a spectral interpretation tutorial. Part 2 to Part 2 (Date to be announced)   PIZZA will be available in the lecture room at 11:40am.  Please bring your own drinks.          

Location and Address

Thaw Hall 11


LC-MC Training Seminar (Part 1)