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Two Post Doc Positions - University of Minnesota

Two open postdoc positions for an industrially sponsored project involving fundamentals of polymer release liners.
The project will involve manipulating release liner materials, surface/bulk chemical modification and establishing fundamental connections between release liner structure/chemistry and the force needed to delaminate the adhesive product from the liner. 

The research is a collaboration between the Ellison group and Professors Michelle Calabrese and Lorraine Francis. Ideal candidates for these positions will have a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Polymer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or a related field, and research experience with one or more of the following: polymer synthesis and characterization, rheology, liquid applied coating processes, adhesion science and testing, and polymer science. Applicants must also have strong communication and collaboration skills. The position will provide excellent preparation for either industrial or academic career paths. 

To apply for these positions, please contact me directly with a detailed CV and description of relevant background.

Christopher J. Ellison (he/him/his) 
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