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Summer Job Opportunities in Social Change

**Summer Job Opportunities in Social Change**

 We're The Fund for the Public Interest - a nationwide non-profit that partners with some of the top social change groups in the country like PennEnvironment and US PIRG. And we're hiring!

We're looking for smart, hard-working students who want to make a difference this summer working on a grassroots campaign. 

 With the mounting attacks on our environment and public health, we're hiring full time summer campaign staff to stand up for clean air and water and to fight climate change. We are looking for motivated students who want hands on experience making an impact on some of the most critical issues facing our society.

 If you are interested in applying, visit our website at, or contact us directly -

 I’m looking forward to speaking with you about our positions!


Stephen Riccardi

Assistant Canvass Director 

Fund for the Public Interest

1831 Murray Ave, Suite 210

Pittsburgh, PA 15217