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Reserach- Anhui Agricultural University, biomass utilization

Faculty Positions on Biomass Chemistry & Engineering

Anhui Agricultural University, located in Hefei, China, is initiating an interdisciplinary Biomass Molecular Engineering Center (BMEC) to promote sustainable research in various aspects of biomass utilization. The center is led by internationally recognized scientists. The mission is to transform renewable agricultural and forestry products into valuable chemicals, polymers, materials and energy via innovative research, to provide high-quality graduate education, and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration via attracting talent scholars around the world. BMEC is aimed to form interdisciplinary research groups that have expertise in chemistry, polymer science, synthetic biology and materials engineering. BMEC has a broad interest in tackling key challenges involving a diverse profile of biomass such as cellulose, lignin, polysaccharide, plant oils, fatty acids, polyols, terpenes, acids, esters, etc. 

Applicants: BMEC is particularly interested in hiring scholars with expertise in the following areas:

(1)    Biobased polymers and bioinspired materials;

(2)    Biobased nanomaterials;

(3)    Synthetic biology or chemical catalysis for biomass;

(4)    Biofuels, biodiesels and bio-chemicals.

All positions provide highly competitive start-up packages and personal compensation to candidates at both Professor and Associate Professor levels.

Applications and inquiries should be sent to or (Prof. Z.K. Wang @ BMEC). Review of applications will start immediately until positions filled.