Department of Chemistry



Research Associate - Apex Life Science

Employment Type: Permanent

Client: Thermalin Diabetes, Inc.

City: Cleveland

State: OH

Status: Active

Description: Apex Life Science is searching for a Research Associate with peptide/protein modification experience to help support the goals of the project and team.  

  Responsibilities:  Perform peptide/protein modification and bioconjugation to support project goals; Follow developed protocols to perform bioconjugation experiments; Conduct and execute experiments to improve efficiency and scalability; Perform technical procedures in a research laboratory under minimal supervision; Perform tasks in a quick and efficient manner; Collect and record experimental results accurately and meticulously; interpret data, present and document results; Participate in other duties as assigned;

  Day to Day:  Perform conjugation reactions using NHS chemistry, carbodiimide chemistry, etc; Set up peptide/protein conjugation reactions, and conduct in-process monitoring using HPLC; Perform scale-up bioconjugation reactions; Prepare reagents such as NHS-activated ester; Generate accurate documentation for experiments; May work with hazardous materials and chemicals;

  Skills:  Experience and knowledge in organic chemistry; General lab knowledge and operation experience; Experience in purification and analysis of peptides and/or organic compounds using HPLC; Ability to effectively organize and conduct multiple tasks simultaneously, and perform duties in an efficient, fast-paced, and deadline driven work environment; Able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and project priorities; Interact effectively in a team environment; communicate in a proactive and solution-focused manner; Knowledge and/or experience in peptide/protein chemistry, HPLC, mass spectrometry preferred;

  Required:  Minimum of 2 years post-graduation experience, preferably in an industry setting; Compensation dependent on skill level and experience; At least 3 distinct, observable examples where achieved meaningful excellence; Must have at least B.S./M.S. in organic chemistry, biochemistry, or related discipline;