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Postdoctoral Position Opening at Princeton University

POSITION OPENING:  Postdoctoral Research Associate

Polymer Synthesis:  Tuning Polymer Dynamics and Properties via Chain Structural Heterogeneity

Polymer chain structural heterogeneities can play a major role in determining polymer dynamics, with the potential to enable rational control of transport and mechanical properties. Recent work suggests the possibility of achieving large variations in the glass transition temperature (Tg), and in transport and mechanical properties, at fixed composition and chemistry simply by varying sequence, even in copolymers which are apparently single-phase. This effort aims to understand these effects at a molecular level and establish next-generation design rules for copolymers with targeted properties, and is a collaboration between the Priestley and Register groups at Princeton (experiments) and Simmons group at the University of South Florida (simulations).

At Princeton, we seek a recent doctorate (chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, or related field) with expertise in the synthesis of well-defined polymers by controlled/living polymerizations, and/or other air-sensitive syntheses (glove box, Schlenk line, or similar). Prior experience in macromolecular characterization (NMR, GPC), thermal analysis (DSC) or other physical property measurements (including fluorescence and dielectric spectroscopy) would be added plusses. Candidates should have the strong interpersonal and communications skills required to work productively with researchers from other groups, to mentor graduate and undergraduate students, and to support the research team.

Princeton University, and the Priestley and Register groups, are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. For additional information, and to apply, please visit: