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Postdoc - Nanosys Inc.


My research group is starting a new collaborative research project with Nanosys Inc, and I am seeking a postdoc to work on this project.  Nanosys is located in Milpitas CA, and is a leading company involved in the development of Quantum Dot (QD) technology for displays.  This project is sponsored by an academic/industrial grant from the U. S. Department of Energy and will involve the development of new InP-based quantum dots for solid-state lighting purposes.  This application requires the development of QDs that operate at high photon fluxes and elevated temperatures.  Auger processes currently limit the applicability of QDs at high fluxes and much of the research will involve using ultrafast optical spectroscopy to elucidate how Auger processes can be controlled by varying the QD morphology and structure.  More information about my research group can be found at

Interested candidates should apply to the UC Merced web site,    Applicants seeking further information are encouraged to contact me directly by e-mail, .  The labs at U C Merced are in the process of reopening, and the position will be available in mid-summer and will remain open until filled.


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