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We are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate who will focus on polymer chemistry for additive manufacturing. This position resides in the Soft Materials Group in the Chemical Sciences Division (CSD), Physical Sciences Directorate (PSD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).


OVERVIEW: The research will be centered on tailoring polymer chemistry for additive manufacturing, especially in a binder-jet 3D printing. The project will focus on the formulation of novel polymer binders for the binder-jet 3D printing and their characterization by DMA, tensile, rheology, surface tension, TGA, and DSC. This research will be complemented by collaborations and interactions with other polymer scientists and mechanical engineers. The candidate is also expected to be involved with other projects including synthesis and characterization of multiphase block copolymers, polymer composites, polymer membranes for molecular separation, and polymer electrolytes for energy storage.


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Tomonori Saito, Ph.D.

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