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The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), one of the centers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is looking for candidates to hold a 2-3 year post-Doctoral position in medicinal chemistry at our Rockville-Maryland location. The selected candidate will join a multidisciplinary biology, chemistry and informatics team working with external biology and disease experts in projects aligned with the NIH Help End Addiction Long-term (HEAL) initiative in projects. The candidate will be leading the project under a supervisor and expected to design, synthesize and optimize potential probe molecules and preclinical candidates against novel targets and pathways designed to address unmet medical in pain, addiction, and overdose.

The candidate should be able to work independently and be well-trained in multi-step organic synthesis with the ability to synthesize, purify, identify, characterize, and analyze (NMR, IR, MS) compounds. The incumbent will keep accurate and complete records of all scientific experiments according to established procedures and ensure that these records and raw data are properly retained. S/he will draft technical reports, manuscripts, and patent applications and present work internally and external consultants and collaborators as needed. Understanding and previous experience or exposure to Structure-Activity Relationship studies and ADME optimization is desirable but not necessary. S/he will work under the mentorship of a chemistry team leader and be exposed to cutting-edge high-throughput screening (HTS), assay biology, bioinformatics, medicinal chemistry, and disease-relevant biological models.


Position requires a Ph.D. degree with zero to three years of post-doctoral experience in organic chemistry and/or medicinal chemistry. Candidates about to complete their doctoral training will be considered. Experience in drug discovery and optimization is desirable but not necessary. The candidate should be an independent thinker and team player able to work in a very interactive high pace environment. Applicants must be well trained in the methods and concepts of organic chemistry with experience in organic synthesis (experience in heterocyclic chemistry is desirable); purification and analysis of reaction products; methodology development; design of novel analogs; design and testing of synthetic routes to novel compounds by proposing and reducing to practice multi-step syntheses. Furthermore, experience in standard spectroscopic and purification methods, including NMR (routine pulse techniques for structure determination), and standard or automated liquid chromatography and HPLC methods is required.



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