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Polymer Chemist Position - BlueSky Polymers

Experienced polymer chemist


We’re looking for: A Ph.D. chemist with extensive experience in high-performance polymers.


About us: BlueSky Polymers is an early-stage startup developing new chemistries for high-performance polymers designed for major industries, including aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas. This is a unique opportunity to help lead the development of this platform and to work with successful serial entrepreneurs and world-class experts in high-performance polymers.


About you: We’re seeking a Ph.D. in chemistry with focused creativity and a desire to develop scaled novel polymers for the marketplace. You should have a strong familiarity with the manufacturing and processing of high-performance polymers. This position will require you to work independently and also with customer-facing and scientific team members to develop novel polymer chemistries together, scale up their manufacturing, and customize their properties for performance and handling. Solution- and melt-based manufacturing, and a firm understanding of how processing affects final part performance are all necessary to success in this role. 


Duties: New monomer synthesis, scale-up and running reactions in our pilot-scale reactor,

research and development of high-performance polymers, thoroughly documenting reactions to multi-kilogram batches of novel polymer materials.


Qualifications: A Ph.D. in Chemistry, ideally 5+ years of experience in industry.


Salary: Competitive; commensurate with experience.


Location: Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina


Email CV to:


Edward T. Samulski

Emeritus Cary C Boshamer Professor of Chemistry

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3290  USA