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Polymer and Nanoscientist - Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Greetings from Shanghai Jiao Tong University!  We have several job openings for experienced polymer chemists and nanoscientists. The candidate should have a doctoral degree in polymer chemistry / materials science / nanotechnology. We will consider hiring chemists who are skillful in macromolecular synthesis (“click chemistry”, ATRP, etc.).  Our laboratories are also well equipped to synthesize nanomaterials such as graphene, silicon nanowires, carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanocrystals.  Depending on the experience, the candidates can be hired as university faculty members, research chemists, or post-doctoral fellows.  Shanghai Jiao Tong University is considered to be one of the top three science and engineering schools in China. Outstanding alumni include President Jiang Zemin, Dr. Qian Xuesen and many others. The research faculty in our institute excels in the areas of polymers, nanomaterials, and devices (e.g., OLED, nanoelectronics and sensors R&D).

We are located on spacious research facilities in the new campus of  Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The Research Institute is well equipped with modern instruments for materials research  (Raman/AFM microscopy; NMR; FT-IR; DSC/TGA; DMA; GPC; TEM, SEM, etc.) and spacious clean room laboratories for nanofabrication of devices. Interested candidates are urged to submit their C.V. to us along with three letters of recommendation sent directly from the references to our Institute:

Professor Dr. Eric Siu-Wai Kong
Research Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Research Inst. of Micro/Nanometer Sci. & Technology
800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai, China 200240 e-mail: