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Nanomaterial Research Assistant

Nanomaterial Research Assistant

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program is searching for an EPA Nanomaterial Research Assistant at the EPA facility at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV. The Research Assistant will conduct research to analyze for sample handling, sample preservation, nanomaterial separation techniques/methods, and analytical procedures that can be used to detect and monitor releases of and exposures to nanomaterials. The job is expected to begin September 2017.

  • Full time, $20.34/hour;
  • Must have earned at least a Bachelor’s degree in biology, toxicology, chemistry, physics, or an environmental-science related field ;
  • Must have experience in advanced laboratory techniques, basic laboratory equipment, and standard preparation for calibration curves and spiking solutions; and
  • Will perform tasks such as preparing solutions, maintaining lab equipment, developing extraction methods, and characterizing properties of nanoparticles.

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