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Multifunctional Composite Materials Postdoc - Air Force Research Lab

Position- Multifunctional Composite Materials Postdoc

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Wright-Patterson AFB OH




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The Air Force Research Lab has an opening for a postdoctoral position to explore processing-structure-property relationships in multifunctional composite materials.  Efficient materials design and development of tools for damage prediction are crucial to enable the incorporation of multifunctional composites into aerospace systems.  Overcoming design challenges requires a multidisciplinary approach combining synthesis, processing, characterization (across scales), and multi-scale modeling.  Specifically the project is driven to investigate failure mechanisms at the nano to higher scales, and develop understanding of the links between these mechanisms and processing-structure-property relationships. 

Key areas of research interest include developing hierarchical structures with nanoscale precision, elucidating the fundamental principles of the underlying fracture mechanism based on chemistry and shape/size/distribution of the nanofillers; investigating corresponding electrical and optical properties; and establishing techniques to predict failure using molecular and mesoscale mechanics modeling.  Research activities may include synthesis, processing, bulk and surface spectroscopy, high-resolution x-ray and electron tomography, nanoscale chemical/physical/mechanical mapping, atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy, in-situ testing, and multi-scale modeling. 

The position is very well suited for a recent or upcoming  Ph.D. graduate with laboratory and/or computational modeling experience with a desire to learn computational modeling related to the chemo-mechanics of composite materials.

Required Qualifications:

. U.S. citizenship.   

. Ph.D.  in Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics, or related science or engineering discipline is required.

. Experience in processing and characterization of nanocomposite, testing, and/or multi-scale modeling of advanced composite systems, is desired.

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