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Immediate postdoc openings in polymer chemistry and materials science for separations in Hee Jeung Oh lab at Penn State

Hee Jeung Oh lab at Penn State is looking for 3 postdoctoral scholars with strong background on (1) polymer chemistry and organic synthesis (e.g., anionic polymerization) and/or (2) polymer physics and/or (3) polymer membrane science and/or (4) 3D printing & free radical polymerization for Spring and Summer 2023. Immediate positions are also available. If you are interested in, please send your CV, 3 representative publications and 3 contact information for references to . For more information, visit our website:

 Design and characterization of charged block copolymers for ion-ion separations and nanofiltration (NSF)

Goal is to stablish polymer chemistry-processing-structure-transport property relationships and design principles for nanofiltration and ion-ion separations
Candidates with strong background in (1) polymer physics or (2) organic chemistry (anionic synthesis) and/or (3) membrane science are invited to apply.
Collaboration with Prof. Scott Milner (computation) at Penn State, Prof. Ralph Colby (dielectric measurements and polymer physics) at Penn State, and structural analysis in LBNL, SSRL and NIST

Design and characterization of highly selective chelating polymers for ion-ion separations (Li separation) (NEOM)

Goal is to establish polymer chemistry-processing-structure-transport property relationships for chelating polymers for ion-ion separations, in particular, Li-separation in sea water
Candidates with strong background in (1) polymer chemistry or organic synthesis and/or (2) polymers are encouraged to apply
Collaboration with Prof. Bruce Logan at Penn State

Design and characterization of 3D printed biosponge adsorbing polymers for selectively capturing toxic chemotherapy drugs before they spread though the body (3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award)

Candidates with strong background in (1) polymer chemistry and organic synthesis for 3D printing and/or (2) materials design for SLA or DLS type 3D printing and/or (3) polymer membranes are encouraged to apply.
Collaboration with UCSF Medical School, Caltech, Virginia Tech, and Purdue

If the prospective postdoc candidates will attend the 2022 AIChE meeting in Phoenix, AZ between Sunday, November 13 and Friday, November 18, please send your CV to to schedule an in-person meeting to discuss the research opportunities.