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Hanover College, two tenure track positions (posted 8/28/22)

I am writing to notify interested students in your department that the Hanover College chemistry department will be conducting two tenure-track faculty searches for Fall 2023. We are a small PUI of roughly 1000 students overlooking the Ohio River in southern Indiana. Our department is expanding to five tenure-track positions due to an increased focus at the college in the physical and health sciences, and we will be accepting applications with a wide range of research expertise. Hanover has placed a strong emphasis on increasing the diversity of our faculty, and all are encouraged to apply, including ABD graduate students.

One position is for biochemistry specifically and the other is welcoming of a variety of education backgrounds. Advertisements for both positions are attached. Any questions about Hanover College, application requirements, or general inquiries can be directed to me (


Eddie Hall
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Department Chair
Hanover College
Science Center 236
Office phone: 812-866-7254