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Green Infrastructure Community Decisions Support - EPA Environmental Research

EPA Green Infrastructure Community Decisions Support

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program is searching for an EPA Green Infrastructure Community Decisions Support with the Office of Research and Development at the EPA facility in Narragansett, RI. The Support will assist with data collection, analysis, and translation to support development and implementation of Decision Support models and tools for communities seeking to protect ecosystem services and increase sustainable outcomes. The job is expected to begin December 2016.

  • Full time, $21.90/hour

  • Have earned a Bachelor’s degree in public policy, environmental sciences, urban planning, hydrology, sociology, geography, chemistry, economics, sustainability, or related field

  • Must have experience in relational databases and visualization tools and knowledge of systems science, community engagement methods, and resource management policy

  • Will perform tasks such as analyzing metadata, compiling documents, maintaining records and projects in progress, developing user guidance and training, and preparing publications

For the full position and to apply, visit our website: