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Analytical Chemist

Lead Chemist

A startup medical cannabis company is seeking an Analytical Chemist to lead the processing and formulation of medical cannabis products. You shall be responsible for ensuring effective and safe processing of medical cannabis into safe, high quality medical cannabis oils and other related products for ingestion, inhalation, or topical application by registered patients.

You will be supported by an experienced advisory board and executive team.

We are interviewing for this position immediately. We are building our team to submit our application for a grow/processor license for the PA Medical Marijuana Program. Contingent upon winning a license this position is expected to start July 2017. 

. Responsibilities include:

●      Performing his/her duties in a safe manner and environment while adhering to all governmental regulations for this industry.

●      Ensuring all extraction, extract processing, product formulation, filling and manufacturing procedures comply with GMP’s, OSHA regulations, and applicable laboratory procedures.

●      Supporting production operation analytical testing needs by preparing and testing plant, extract, and formulation samples for cannabinoid profiling, potency, and other required analyses.

●      Initially operating and overseeing extraction, formulating, and filling equipment operation with Process Technicians production starts in Uniontown, PA

●      Training of processing and fill line technicians and operators on operations, quality assurance, sanitation, and product safety procedures

●      Quality assurance to ensure we produces the highest quality processed medical cannabis products:

○      Analytical work on HPLC, GC and other required analytical equipment

○      Other Quality Assurance analyses

○      Oversee and audit Process Technician quality assurance testing and results

○      Coordinate required analyses by 3rd party laboratories as required by state statutes.

●      Continuous Improvement by optimizing methods and formulations: product and process improvement.

●      Developing and implementing new proprietary medical cannabis products, extraction, formulating, and filling processes to meet business needs

●      Managing lab and processing equipment supplies and inventory

In addition to the above responsibilities, the Process & Analytical Chemist shall ensure compliance and accuracy involving all product tracking, product security, and product movement procedures. We foresee expect this position to grow through developing new products, implementing new extraction and other processing methods, and implementing new analytical testing support methods.

This position reports to the Chief Operating Officer.


Our Process & Analytical Chemist must possess excellent analytical, troubleshooting, and formulating skills and a high degree of knowledge of Organic Chemistry and extraction technology involving organic liquids and compounds and plant extracts. Successful candidates will have proven experience in a medical cannabis, food, beverage, or pharmaceutical environment with a high attention to detail, organization skills, excellent communication skills with the ability to operate in a safe, detailed and accurate manner.

He/she will need to operate in startup and emerging environment and be flexible to take on new and added responsibilities per the business’ growth needs. Must also possess good data logging, database, and material tracking skills to facilitate our strict compliance with state regulatory requirements for product tracking and tracing.

Knowledge of Class 1, Division 1 operating environments and cGMP is highly desirable. This person shall add value by continually evaluating our processing operations with the goal of implementing new and improved processes and bringing new products to the market.

The ideal candidate will have at least two to five years of applicable medical cannabis, food, beverage or pharmaceutical experience with a focus on ensuring product safety, consumer safety and satisfaction, and high product quality. The ideal candidate must also possess at least a B.S. Chemistry degree or equivalent. This position requires the candidate to be able to lift 50-pounds. 

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

Contact Brian Staffa at / 908-208-5191 or Gennifer Washington / 669-333-6911