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3 Postdoc Research Positions - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Soft Materials Group in the Chemical Sciences Division ( at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is seeking exceptional candidates to fill three postdoctoral research positions in polymer synthesis and polymer characterization. The research will be centered on synthesis and experimental studies of polymer nanocomposites, polymer electrolytes, polymers for gas separation, and multiphase block copolymers. The research will entail precise synthesis of well-defined polymers and their characterization by standard methods (GPC, NMR, etc.), dielectric relaxation spectroscopy, TEM, DMA and rheology, light, neutron scattering techniques, and others. This research will be complemented by collaborations and interactions with polymer and computational chemists, whose research is also focused on polymer synthesis, structural characterization, and simulations.

Major Duties/Responsibilities

● Design and synthesize of novel well-defined polymers using various polymerization techniques including controlled polymerization methods (anionic, cationic, ATRP, RAFT, NMP, and ROMP) and other methods (conventional free radical and step growth)
● Synthesize and characterize of novel monomers and post functionalization of polymers
● Synthesize and characterize of organic and inorganic nanoparticles and their post modification
● Study the mechanism of ion, proton and molecular transport in polymeric materials using various techniques including dielectric relaxation spectroscopy, rheology, light and neutron scattering techniques, gas permeability and solubility
● Study the structure-property relationships of novel block copolymers and polymer composites for its morphology, dynamics, mechanical properties, and molecular transport using various techniques.
● Presenting and report research results and publishing scientific results in peer-reviewed journals in a timely manner
● Ensure compliance with environment, safety, health and quality program requirements
● Maintain strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation of values and ethics

Qualifications Required

Basic Qualifications:
• Ph.D. in Polymer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science or a closely related field completed in the last 5 years
• Knowledge of polymer science and hands on experience with polymers
• Experience in the synthesis and/or characterization of polymers

Preferred Qualifications:
• A strong background in the design, synthesis, purification, and characterization of monomers and polymers
• Experience with controlled polymerization method (e.g. familiar with at least two techniques among anionic, cationic, ATRP, RAFT, NMP, and ROMP)
• Knowledge and expertise with at least one of the following characterization techniques: dielectric spectroscopy, rheology, neutron or light scattering, gas permeability, and solubility.
• Self-motivated, have the ability to work independently, safety conscious, and participate creatively in refining projects directions
• An excellent record of productive and creative research demonstrated by publications in peer-reviewed journals
• Good oral and written communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and interact effectively with a broad range of colleagues


Appointments will initially be for 24 months with a possibility of an extension of up to 12 months. Initial appointments and extensions are subject to performance and availability of funding.

Please provide a list of publications when applying for this position. Three letters of reference are required and can be uploaded to your profile or emailed directly to Please include the title of the position in the subject line. (REQUIRED)

Positions report to the Group Lead, Soft Materials Group in the Chemical Sciences Division. Interface with administrative staff, managers and visitors to ORNL.