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Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee

While every member of the department contributes to making Pitt chemistry a welcoming and inclusive environment, the department also has a Diversity Committee responsible for developing and implementing the department's overall diversity plan.  Some of the committee's current priorities include:

  1. Drafting and revising a departmental diversity plan
  2. Improving community outreach, especially to K-12 students
  3. Ensuring that the Department of Chemistry climate supports diversity, equity and inclusion

The committee has representatives from many different groups in the department.  The current committee members are listed below - feel free to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or ideas you'd like to discuss.

Current members:

  • Chair: Tara Meyer
  • Faculty & staff representatives: Pete Bell, Raúl Hernández Sánchez, Kaz Koide, Jennifer Laaser, Kitty Liu, Haitao Liu, Peng Liu, Michelle Morgan, Hannah Morris, Amber Travis, Michelle Ward
  • Graduate student representatives: Mattheus De Souza & Victoria Kong
  • Undergraduate student representatives: Rotem Benharush, Ariana Park, and Anthony Taylor.

The committee is also actively seeking another graduate student representatives for 2020-2021 - contact Prof. Meyer ( or for more information if you are interested!


The Diversity Committee organizes a number of events throughout the year to help build connections in our department community and make sure that everyone is heard.  Event announcements are distributed by email and on fliers posted around the department.

Reporting Issues

In the case of an incident involving discrimination or harassment based on a protected category: race, color, religion or creed, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, genetic information or citizenship you may choose to

  1. file a formal report with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion or ODI ( ODI will give you advice on how to proceed, help you access resources, and will allow you to choose how you want to move forward.  If a formal investigation is pursued, they will explain the steps that will be followed and tell you what to expect. 
  2. report it to the police, if the incident involves a crime (Pitt police: 412-624-2121). 
  3. reach out to a faculty member that you trust or Diversity Committee member either directly or using the form below if you need advice and support

Contacting the Diversity Committee

If you have suggestions or if you would like the Diversity Committee to be made aware of an event or an issue, you may fill out the form below. 

Please note that if you report an incident or issue in this form, there will likely be some follow-up including but not limited to informing ODI of the situation. If you choose to send your message anonymously please understand that we cannot guarantee, depending on the details provided by you in your message, that your anonymity will be completely protected.  We also reserve the right to breach confidentiality if we feel that your safety or the safety of others is in imminent danger.