University of Pittsburgh


The Department of Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh is internationally recognized for its excellence in chemical research and education. The department provides its graduate students with an integrated program of creative, independent research, course work, and teaching. Our students pursue research in diverse areas including:

The quality of the department's research programs and the accessibility of its faculty will offer you unparalleled opportunities for individualized training and interaction. An extensive seminar series exposes students and faculty alike to the world's leading chemists and their latest research. Our former students are found in academic positions at first-rate colleges and universities, in positions at government labs, and in industrial positions at leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Pitt's outstanding research and placement resources, coupled with the university's commitment to being one of the finest and most productive universities in the world, uniquely positions our department to help you meet your objectives. Pitt's Ph.D. program in chemistry is a highly rated program that deserves your attention!