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The Chemistry Department supports a robust seminar program that brings eminent scientists from around the world to present their current research to the Department. The normal Chemistry seminar day, Thursday, has two seminar times: one at 2:30 PM and another at 4:00 PM. While most seminars occur on Thursdays, many are scheduled at other times and other days, including some in the evening.

Here is a PDF of our COLLOQUIA SERIES.

In addition, dozens of seminars are available each week within a 15 minute walk of the Chemistry Department. The links here showcase some of the more popular seminar series to our members, but external to our Department. If you would like us to add another link, please send an email to

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Feb 28
Dr. Julia Rice - Nucleobases: From the Prebiotic World to Self-Healing Polymers View »
Mar 02
Dr. Rein Ulijn - Peptide Nanotechnology View »
Mar 02
Dr. Joshua Pierce - Marine Natural Products Synthesis: A Platform for Chemical and Biological Discovery View »
Mar 10
Dr. Hannu Hakkinen -Towards Controlled Assemblies of Ligand-Stabilized Noble Metal Nanoclusters View »
Mar 15
Dr. Thomas Hoye - What's New with the Hexadehydro-Diels-Alder (HDDA) Reaction? View »
Mar 16 to Mar 18
NExM 2017


The Northeast and Midwest regions of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) are pleased to announce a joint... View »

Mar 16
Dr. Michelle Arkin - Tracking Challenging Drug Targets, A Biophysical Perspective View »
Mar 23
Dr. Matthew Francis - New Chemical Reactions for Generating Complex Bimolecular Materials View »
Mar 28
Dr. Xiaodong Bu - Frontiers of Element-Specific Analysis in Pharmaceutical Research View »
Mar 30
Dr. Roey Amir - Enzyme-Responsive PEG-Dendron Amphiphiles:The Power of Molecular Precision View »
Apr 11
Dr. Dirk Trauner - Controlling Biological Pathways with Photopharmacology View »
Apr 13
Dr. Henry White - 8th Annual Coetzee Memorial Lecture - Electrochemistry of Nanobubbles: Their Nucleation, Stability and Properties View »
Apr 19
Dr. Emily Balskus - 21st Dowd Lecture Series View »
Apr 20
Dr. Andrew Hamilton - 21st Dowd Lecture Series View »
Apr 27
Dr. Danna Freedman - Approaching Challenges in Physics with Inorganic Chemistry View »